Fun activities to do with kids!

10 easy ways to make Diwali FUN for Kids!

Check out these 10 easy hacks to make it super fun for kids!
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Easy Diwali Craft Activities For Your Tots

Diwali- the festival of lights, fireworks, sweets, gifts, family and friends.
Check out four quick and easy ways to make your home festive while getting your little ones involved in the celebrations no matter where in the world you may be!
Learn to make – Sparkly, Colorful Diyas, Diwaleen Lanterns,Easy Portable Rangoli and Kid Safe Diwali Lights.

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Recycled DIY Rangoli for kids

Why not convert trash into a festive masterpiece that kids will enjoy while learning the import lesson of Reducing, Recycling and Reusing this Indian festive season.
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Easy Diwali Floating Candles- in less than 20 minutes!

Check out this super easy and quick way to making floating candles for Diwali or any festive season. Made in less than 20 mins!!
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Navratri Food Craft- Edible Dandia Sticks

Introduce ‪Navratri‬ to your little ones in a fun and engaging way, with these edible ‪‎Dandiya‬ sticks.They will surely be dancing for more!
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Easy Dusshera Food Art – Edible Ravan

Looking for ways to talk about Dusshera with kids? Try out this fun edible food art that will surly get everyone giggling and eating healthy at the same time.

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Fun Tradition for your little one!

Great way to celebrate and bless your little one right at the beginning of the new year!

Create Easy Playdough Ganesh

Create an easy Ganesh idol using playdough.
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Cooking with Kids- Egglicious Appe Recipe

Appe recently have become very popular. It is healthy as it adopts a cooking process of something in-between shallow frying and steaming. Traditionally it is made with the dals, rice, semolina etc, similar to Dosa or Idli mix . Egglicious Appe is a variation of traditional appe and is an interesting way to serve the morning protein. Go ahead try it!
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