Turn screen time into learning time for your kids. Play our multilingual App and discover India!

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Customer Reviews

Cool and creative app: Heritage is fun!

By D2here , September 16, 2015

Very easily downloadable and manageable app. Gives a wonderful preview of India's rich diversity in languages, fabrics and accessories for our little ones. The perfect opportunity for a storytelling session as the young minds are introduced to the colour wardrobe of the 3 curious monkeys with a super cute high five, a funky dance tune and a photo session! Looking forward to more vibrant additions to the vocabulary and wardrobe of the 3 curious monkeys. All kudos for a nice treat in the midst of India's 66th Republic Day celebrations 🙂

Cute educational fun!

By vineetb

My daughter 7yrs old likes playing and saying the words out loud. We hook it up to the TV using AirPlay and then she does the indian dance moves while playing dress up.

Excellent app!

By Mama_tav

What a nice fun app for young kids! My 3 year old daughter loves it, and love to see her play and learn new things. A fun way to integrate learning about indian culture and play!! Looking forward to more fun stuff from the creators of 3 curious monkeys!