Tufts University

“A delightful story – and nice to see more ways to engage our youth on the fun within the culture” Pawan Dhingra / Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology

Indian Moms Connect- Tech Review

“the best thing about the App was that, it provided a jumping off point for my daughter to ask me questions about India and for us to have a conversation about India’s diversity”

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Indian Moms Connect- Authors Interview

“Reading culturally diverse books such as ours would help children become more empathetic towards their peers and help them understand the bigger world they are part of and be proud of their own heritage and identities”

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Pragmatic Mom

October 17, 2014

“A delightful picture book to introduce kids to Diwali which is important to Hindus as Christmas is to Christians”

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Fun and Food Cafe

“My daughter read this book every night since we received it, and she’s been making Diwali drawings, making diyas with playdough, and she’s excited about what she’s going to wear for the festival! That’s proof enough that the book is powerful in kindling the Diwali spirit in your kids”

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Indian Moms Connect

“Get it this Diwali ! Your kids will love to see themselves reflected in the book”

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Chai Mommas

“3 Curious Monkeys lets your child experience the traditions and culture of India in a modern, interactive way.”

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